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San Bernardino Community College District

Frequently Asked Questions About Gmail

Last modified at 3/10/2021 3:31 p.m.


  • What's my student Gmail address, login, and password?

    Student Gmail accounts use the same account name and password as your WebAdvisor account.

    You can use the "What's My User ID?" form on WebAdvisor to find out what your account name is. There are versions for SBVC and CHC. Your default password will be the word Temp (watch capitalization) followed by your birthday in MMDDYY format (i.e. 11/04/1934 = Temp110434). If you can't login with this password, please try the password reset form for SBVC or the password reset for for CHC.

    The account names are usually constructed using your first initial, up to 14 characters of your last name and the last four digits of your student ID. An example is shown below. If there is a name collision with someone else, your account name may be different.

    Gmail Address: or or
    Login or
    Account Name or
    User Id:
    firstinitial.lastnameXXXX or (only for gmail)
    Where: first initial is the first initial of your official first name (no nicknames)
    last name is up to 14 characters of your full, official last name
    XXXX is the last four digits of your student ID
    Example: Name: John Smith
    Student ID: 0123456
    Gmail Address:
    Login: j.smith3456

    You must log into WebAdvisor at least once to activate your student Gmail account. If you haven't logged into WebAdvisor yet, go to WebAdvisor (links above), log in using your account name and change your password. The first time you use this account, your password will be the word Temp (watch capitalization) followed by your birthday in MMDDYY format (i.e. 11/04/1934 = Temp110434). The first time you log in you will have to change this password. Once you have changed your password, you will use this new password to access both WebAdvisor and student Gmail. If you need help accessing these accounts, please contact the Help Desk.

  • What happens to a restricted account?

    A restricted account is limited in what features they have access to as follows:

    • Only able to send email to or recieve email from college email addresses, including:
    • No usage of other Google Apps, including Google Drive and Google Sites
    • No usage of Office 365

    Restrictions will be lifted 48 hours after registration.

    If you believe you are being restricted incorrectly, please contact the Admissions & Records office at your college.

  • When I login to WebAdvisor, it doesn't show my information

    When resetting your password, the login screen successfully logs you in to WebAdvisor, but as ‘Guest’. This is due to a bug with the process. If you see this, close your browser and log in again with your login and new password.

    Notes: When logging into WebAdvisor, make sure you do not see ‘Welcome Guest’ on the home page. It should say your full name.

  • How do I forward my student Gmail to another account?
    Google provides step by step instructions on their Gmail support website.
  • How do I get my student Gmail on my phone?
    Google has step by step support for most phones at
  • How do I get my student Gmail with another application?
    Google has step by step support for most applications at
  • How do I reset my password for my student Gmail account?
    Your password is the same as your WebAdvisor password. To reset your WebAdvisor password, you can go to WebAdvisor (links above), click on "Password" next to "What's My Password?" on the left. Next, click on "Reset my password". You will be asked for your last name and either your SSN or your College ID (same as your Student ID). Once you submit this form, you will be shown your new temporary password. You can then use this new password to login to WebAdvisor and change your password to your own password. You will then be able to use this your own password for WebAdvisor and Student Gmail.
  • How large can my mailbox be?
    As of 12/22/2011, Google allows 25GBs per user for Google Apps for Education. To see how much you are using and your current limit (if it has changed), when you login to your Gmail account, look at the bottom left, accross from the "Powered by Google" text.
  • How large of an attachment may I send with a single email?
    According to Google you can send up to 25 MBs per email. However, remember that the recieving account must also be able to accept the file. If your attachment bounces, please contact the recipient to see how big of an attachment they can accept.
  • How long do I get to keep my student Gmail account?

    There are no plans to terminate student Gmail accounts. Even if you graduate or become an inactive student, you will still have access to your student Gmail account.

    However, if you have never registered or interacted with the college beyond applying, the account will be suspended after you become an inactive student.

  • I have applied, but I have not recieved any information on my student Gmail account. What do I do?

    Please contact the admissions office at the campus you applied to. They can assist you.

    Admissions Office Contact Information is available below:

  • Is there a user guide to the student Gmail system?
    Google provides online instructions and help at and
  • My name has changed or is wrong. What do I do?

    You can have your name updated in our system, but not your user id and email address. Contact Admissions and Records to get your name updated.

    Once an email address and user id is created, that email address and user id will be used as is. Changes to the email address and user id will not be allowed.

  • Once I apply to the college, when will my student Gmail account be activated?

    Your student Gmail account will be activated within 30 minutes from the moment you recieved the confirmation email saying that your application was accepted. This confirmation email will include your student ID number and your student Gmail address.

  • What Google Apps am I allowed to use with my student Gmail account?
  • Who do I contact for support/problems?

    Please contact our help desk, available during normal business hours. They can help you login to your student Gmail and WebAdvisor accounts.

Staff and Faculty

  • Have my staff or faculty login for WebAdvisor changed with the move to Gmail?

    Yes. Staff and Faculty WebAdvisor account names and passwords have changed.

    You can use the "What's My User ID?" form on WebAdvisor to find out what your account name is. There are versions for SBVC and CHC.

    If your account name matches with your SBCCD network and email account name, then your passwords should be the same. Otherwise, you can use the password reset form for SBVC or the password reset for for CHC.

  • How come I get an automatic reply when I send email to students?

    As of March 26th, any emails sent to old student email accounts (ending in will be replied with an automatic email telling you that you need to get an updated email address for the student. You should be able to do this through WebAdvisor or Blackboard.

    You will need to do this before April 30th, as at that time, email will stop being delivered to old email accounts.

  • Have my staff or faculty email changed with the move to Gmail?

    No. Only student email accounts have moved to Gmail.

    Staff and faculty still use our internal Exchange system. However, your account is linked through WebAdvisor. See the login change question above for how this will affect WebAdvisor.

  • How can I share a google document with my students using their Gmail account

    Google has documentation on sharing Google Documents with other Gmail accounts either individually or through a mailing list.