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San Bernardino Community College District

Training Solutions for Employers

Last modified at 8/25/2021 1:56 p.m.

Training Solutions for Employers

SBCCD Economic Development & Coportate Training (EDCT) can provide customized advanced skills training in response to the needs of local and state-wide businesses.  Our not-for-credit customized training programs are a rapid-response to the training need requests from our community business partners.

Get more information on examples of technical and soft skills customized to fit your business needs.

Low cost or no cost, we’re able to offer advanced skills to your employees!

No cost, if your company qualifies:

  • Employment Training Panel (ETP) – ETP is a business and labor-supported state agency that funds the costs of vocational training. The program is funded by the Employment Training Tax paid by California employers and targets firms threatened by out-of-state competition who compete in the global economy. 
  • If you are a for-profit company paying the CA Employment Training Tax you may be eligible for this program.  

Get more information on the ETP program here!

Low cost:

  • Fee-Based Training – If you don’t qualify for ETP training

    1. Customized training is very reasonably priced and may be offered onsite at your business location or at one of our SBCCD training facilities.
    2. In addition, self-employed individuals may attend our multiple-employer business skills trainings. (See our Upcoming Training Schedule) 
  • Do you have an ETP Contract?
    We have trainings that can assist your organization - Contact us!
    We have experienced trainers who can customize training at your site - Contact us!
  • Do you need assistance with administration of your ETP Program?
    We can help -  Contact us!
  • Need help developing your own ETP Program?
    We can help - Contact us!

Contact us to get started

  • Available: 7:30 am - 5 pm, M-F
  • Phone: (909) 387-1635
  • Email contact for enrollment or information: